Keep your batteries charged and ready to go this summer!

Summer is here and it’s time to take off in your 4WD with your caravan in tow or get out on the water in your boat. But be prepared. If your battery power is low or worse, your battery is flat, you won’t get far!

Charge-up this summer with the right battery maintenance equipment and make sure it’s easy to connect and use.

Keepower have released two intelligent consumer battery chargers that fit the bill and extend the life of your batteries. The Keepower Small (4 amp) and Keepower Medium (8 amp) are compact and versatile chargers suitable for a range of vehicles from your caravan, boat or jetski to your 4wd or your family car.

Their intelligent management and integrated boosting system can bring deeply discharged batteries back to life (from as low as 0.4 volts). And, because they contain a powerful microprocessor, they charge with super efficiency, transferring more than 90 per cent of energy to the battery.

Before you leave you can easily check your battery with the Keepower’s built-in battery tester.

The intelligent Keepower Small is suitable for 12 volt lead acid batteries from 1.2Ah to 80 Ah and the Medium for batteries from 20Ah to 160Ah.

The Keepower Medium has a power supply mode so you won’t lose important car settings when you change your battery and both chargers come with hook-free clamps and an adjustable support stand to make your life easier.

They also have a flash-light for trouble-free connection when you’re on the go. IP65 (suitable for the outdoors), all Keepower chargers come with a five year warranty for your peace of mind.

Watch our video to see how the intelligent Keepower range can keep your batteries charged up this summer!

(Keepower is available for purchase from your local Battery World store.)