Accessorise your power

Keepower is proud to announce that in addition to our proffesional grade battery Charger range, from the 6V Keepower Classic to the 12/24V Keepower XL-Pro, we are now offering Keepower quality Accessories for your charger.

There are three different models of accessories, and each some in versions for small and large chargers:

The Keepower eyelet cable is designed for permanent connections to the battery; this is great for users with a little know-how who want easy battery charging.

The Keepower Ciga Plug connection is designed for easy quick connection to the battery; this is great for users who are new to battery chargers since it negates the risk of reverse polarity.

The Keepower clamps are ideal for professionals in a workshop or garage; the clamps make quick temporary connections to batteries, and are easy to change over.

So make your power management easy, and accessorise your power with Keepower.