Keepower Octal Battery Charger

Keepower Octal web

The Keepower Octal has 8 charging outputs meaning you can connect up to 8 batteries at once. The Keepower Octal charger scans each of the 8 charging outlets one at a time and charges the batteries automatically if needed.

If the battery needs charging, the Keepower Octal charger automatically charges up to one hour, before shifting to the next outlet, this means if you need multiple batteries charged you can connect them before you leave for the night, and when you start again the next morning, all of your batteries will be ready to go.

The charger is perfect for charging motorcycles, lawn mowers, cars, boats, caravans and smaller 12V vehicles/crafts.


  • Ideal for workshops, showrooms and other multi vehicle purposes
  • Charge all your batteries overnight
  • Keepower’s intelligent charging curve
  • IP65 protected

Please note: the Keepower Octal does not offer simultaneous charging, only simultaneous connection.

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