When you absolutely need to protect your good times!

The caravan or motorhome is packed. You’re filled with a sense of anticipation about your next adventure. Life on the road is terrific, but to guarantee the good times you must have absolute confidence in your batteries’ performance.

To keep your batteries in top shape, Bainbridge Technologies has released the powerful Keepower XL-Pro, a 30 amp 12v/24v charger. With it, you can relax knowing you won’t end up with a flat battery.
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Keepowered this Christmas

During the holiday season it can be hard to find the right gift. Luckily Keepower has you covered.

Keepower’s range of intelligent battery care has chargers suited to every application: does dad love classic cars? Then the Keepower classic will keep his batteries in top shape. Is your brother’s motorcycle in need of some TLC? Then the Keepower Micro has got you covered. The Keepower, Small, Medium, and Large are great for use around the house and suitable for a range of applications, or why not go all out and get them a Keepower XL-Con or Keepower XL-Pro, these powerful chargers are feature packed and combine 12V and 24V chargers in one unit. The XL-Pro is the top of the range charger, and is capable to charging batteries from 3Ah, to 600Ah!

This Christmas get more from your gifts, when you purchase a Keepower charger at any Battery World store you get a bonus accessory. Don’t miss out on this great deal, click the button below to find your nearest Battery World Store.

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Keep your batteries charged and ready to go this summer!

Summer is here and it’s time to take off in your 4WD with your caravan in tow or get out on the water in your boat. But be prepared. If your battery power is low or worse, your battery is flat, you won’t get far!

Charge-up this summer with the right battery maintenance equipment and make sure it’s easy to connect and use.

Keepower have released two intelligent consumer battery chargers that fit the bill and extend the life of your batteries. The Keepower Small (4 amp) and Keepower Medium (8 amp) are compact and versatile chargers suitable for a range of vehicles from your caravan, boat or jetski to your 4wd or your family car.

Their intelligent management and integrated boosting system can bring deeply discharged batteries back to life (from as low as 0.4 volts). And, because they contain a powerful microprocessor, they charge with super efficiency, transferring more than 90 per cent of energy to the battery.

Before you leave you can easily check your battery with the Keepower’s built-in battery tester.

The intelligent Keepower Small is suitable for 12 volt lead acid batteries from 1.2Ah to 80 Ah and the Medium for batteries from 20Ah to 160Ah.

The Keepower Medium has a power supply mode so you won’t lose important car settings when you change your battery and both chargers come with hook-free clamps and an adjustable support stand to make your life easier.

They also have a flash-light for trouble-free connection when you’re on the go. IP65 (suitable for the outdoors), all Keepower chargers come with a five year warranty for your peace of mind.

Watch our video to see how the intelligent Keepower range can keep your batteries charged up this summer!

(Keepower is available for purchase from your local Battery World store.)

Accessorise your power

Keepower is proud to announce that in addition to our proffesional grade battery Charger range, from the 6V Keepower Classic to the 12/24V Keepower XL-Pro, we are now offering Keepower quality Accessories for your charger.

There are three different models of accessories, and each some in versions for small and large chargers:

The Keepower eyelet cable is designed for permanent connections to the battery; this is great for users with a little know-how who want easy battery charging.

The Keepower Ciga Plug connection is designed for easy quick connection to the battery; this is great for users who are new to battery chargers since it negates the risk of reverse polarity.

The Keepower clamps are ideal for professionals in a workshop or garage; the clamps make quick temporary connections to batteries, and are easy to change over.

So make your power management easy, and accessorise your power with Keepower.

Keepower and take charge of your workshop!

The heavy-duty XL-Pro is part of Keepower’s tough professional range. Built to withstand the harshest workloads, the Keepower LARGE, XI-Co and XL-Pro put you back in charge.

Don’t let complicated, unreliable equipment keep customers waiting. Make life easy with Keepower battery chargers. From the Micro (12V), to the advanced power of the professional grade XL-Pro, Keepower’s chargers are easy to use and work fast!

Ideal for auto electrical and mechanical workshops, the extremely powerful Keepower XL-Pro delivers up to 30A for 12V and 24V batteries from 3Ah to 600Ah, in a single intelligent unit. Packed with special features, its built-in flashlight illuminates engine bays and the convenient USB socket will charge mobile devices while you work.

Along with the professional grade Keepower LARGE charger and the XL-Con, the Keepower XL-Pro features:

Built in battery indicator – so you know whether batteries require charging
Integrated boosting system – to bring deeply discharged batteries back to life
Technologically advanced microprocessor – to optimise your battery power and shield your circuits
High efficiency – so you get fast charging, with more than 90% of energy transmitted to the battery
Hook Free Clamps – to avoid the hassle of tangled wires.

Spark free with overload protection, the Keepower professional range is safe for everybody to use and comes with a five year guarantee.

Get the job done and keep customers happy with the Keepower XL-Pro. To learn more look at our video or visit stockists Battery World or Snap-On.

Keepower is proud to announce that in additional to their proffessional grade Battery Charger Range.

Extreme Power for your Workshop

The Keepower XL-Pro is an extremely powerful, versatile and simple 8-stage battery charger. Delivering up to 30 amps for 12V and 24V batteries from 3 Ah to 600Ah. With adjustable current limiting the Keepower XL-pro can charge all types of lead-acid batteries.

The extreme power of the Keepower XL-Pro charges your batteries fast, and it charges a wider range of batteries, this means you’ll be able to get through your work faster.

Using the Keepower XL-Pro’s technologically advanced integrated boosting system you can even charge deeply discharged batteries.

The Keepower XL-Pro is incredibly easy to use, and makes your job easier with a handy built in torch to light up the engine while you work.

So if you want to learn more about using extreme power in your workshop check-out our video on the Keepower Range