Keepower Max 90A Battery Charger

90A Web SizedThe Keepower Max 90A provides optimum charging for a range of battery types. With Keepower’s intelligent boost function it’s capable of charging deeply discharged batteries from as low as 0V by using a unique intelligent charging curve. The large easy to read display means you can follow the charging process from start to finish including the battery testing phase, which automatically runs every time before charging.

One of the key features of the Keepower Max 90A is that you can adjust your charging parameters to suit the specific battery you’re charging; it’s even possibly to save those custom parameters for future use. The charger also comes with a  range of selectable preconfigured programs for varies battery profiles as well as a powerful ‘Supply Mode’, which makes it is possible to adjust the limits of current and voltage,

Capable of charging a small as 8Ah (24V) up to a whopping 1800Ah (12V) the Keepower Max 90A has a huge range of applications, making it ideal for workshops, garages and other professional use.

Technical specifications
Nominal battery voltage 12 V / 24 V
Charge Current 90A / 45A
Battery size 12V 15-1800Ah / 24V 8-900Ah
Max. Total outputpower 1600 W
IP Protection IP20D
Charger cable size/length 10 mm2 / 4500 mm
Weight 10.500 kg
Where to Buy Keepower Chargers

Where to Buy Keepower Chargers