Keepower XL Con Battery Charger 12/24V 30/15A


The Keepower Xl-Con is a premium professional battery charger which combines 12 and 24V chargers in one single unit.

The Keepower Xl-Con is packed with special features including a temperature sensor, and a USB port for charging your mobile device while you work. It has an extremely powerful supply lead which keeps your batteries fully charged and lets you avoid starting the engine.
It outputs 30A which makes it great for use in showrooms, as well as during testing or repair.

  • Intelligent charging with boost mode for deeply discharged batteries
  • Built in torch to help you see when you connect your battery
  • Keepower can be constantly connected – The battery will always be fully charged.
  • Powerful supply mode
  • Built in USB Port to charge iphones and other USB powered devices
  • Hook free Clamps
  • Built in Battery Tester
  • IP44 protected

The Keepower XL-Con Charger is suitable for 12V and 24V batteries from 90Ah to 600Ah.

Where to Buy Keepower Chargers
Where to Buy Keepower Chargers