Extreme Power for your Workshop

The Keepower XL-Pro is an extremely powerful, versatile and simple 8-stage battery charger. Delivering up to 30 amps for 12V and 24V batteries from 3 Ah to 600Ah. With adjustable current limiting the Keepower XL-pro can charge all types of lead-acid batteries.

The extreme power of the Keepower XL-Pro charges your batteries fast, and it charges a wider range of batteries, this means you’ll be able to get through your work faster.

Using the Keepower XL-Pro’s technologically advanced integrated boosting system you can even charge deeply discharged batteries.

The Keepower XL-Pro is incredibly easy to use, and makes your job easier with a handy built in torch to light up the engine while you work.

So if you want to learn more about using extreme power in your workshop check-out our video on the Keepower Range