10 reasons to buy Keepower

keepower 10 reasons to buy_r2_c1

Extend your battery life

With no conventional float voltage/ current stage your batteries will last longer

keepower 10 reasons to buy_r2_c1

Charge deeply discharged batteries

With an integrated boosting system, Keepower can recover a battery from as low as 0.4 Volts

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Use in or out of the workshop

With a super durable unit and IP65 rating on smaller models (Micro, Small and Medium) and IP44 on large models (Large,
XL-Con and XL-Pro)

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Charge your phone while you work

With a built in USB port for 5V USB powered devices (XL-Con and XL-pro models only)

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Light up Dark Spots

With a unique, convenient, built in flashlight to help you see when connecting to your batteries.

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Easy to use

With an adjustable support stand which allows positioning of the charger for easy viewing, and easy to connect hook free clamps

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Charge with super efficiency

The Keepower transfers more than 90% of the energy to the battery, causing less CO2 emissions and less heat generation.

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Power your appliances

With a built in supply mode feature to power appliances with the same rating as the charger (13.8V / 10A)

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Charge with two in one

With both 12V or 24V charging in one comprehensive unit (XL-Con and XL-Pro models only)

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Enjoy a charger packed with features

With a microprocessor which allows for optimum charging, a temperature sensor, a built in battery indicator which shows if your battery needs a charge, and spark and overload protection to keep your circuits safe, the Keepower range of battery chargers has everything you need for intelligent battery care.